Reviews for "Ø7"


my oh my, that was wonderful. somewhere, i'm sure apple is smiling at you :) his toon was very epic, and i feel that you've done a good job capturing some of the chi (is that how you spell it? google much, hippo?) from his toon, and putting that positive energy to a good use. Now, my FAVORITE part of this toon, was the lyrics. I mean, seriously, I have heard this song so many times, and do you know how many of those words i decoded? Exactly, neither do i. So i was quite confused when this started out using... gradients, and a real looking clock and whatnot, but then he turned into the correct style, and the ass kicking commenced. some great work binary :) happy later clock day :3

BinaryClock responds:

Always a pleasure BlueHippo.

Happy next Clock Day


the best remake since the pink panther!!!


Well... That was... interesting. Not much else can be said about it... Short but good, I guess

VØETED 7nn!!11

I've never seen the original, but this made my laugh. Very simple, but very well made.

BinaryClock responds:

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /34753

Watch. Now. They even made a game based on it!

Foooooking Ace!!!

Loved it, Cute yet weird yet kinda cool in a good funny way.

Very Entertaining !!!!

BinaryClock responds:

Hooray for adjectives and adverbs!