Reviews for "SleepEasy"

good flash rups

a good short with good humour

RupeeClock responds:

Ah, it's you.

Well I'm glad you liked it.

Once again you win

Strawberry with a face, colorchanging Rupee, Tom in a pokemon trainer suit!
It's loland!
That's why you win...
Can't wait for the christmas flash!

RupeeClock responds:

Haha, I hope I can make one this year.

No award? BULLSHIT!

-This was one of the best Clock Day 2007 flashes of all time and this didn't even get an award? I seriously can't believe that a spammy SS flash got in first place. This and possibly other awesome Clock Day flashes diserved that spot instead of a spammy piece of shit. Anyways, I'll talk about the flash now.

-The Graphics in this flash were legit. I loved how you changed your style. It looks like you did some FBF animation, which was quite impressive. The sound effects and music samples were pretty cool. They went well what was going on in this flash. The fact that this is over 7 minutes long is incredible. I really enjoyed watching this flash. I seriously think this should get an award. This is more diserving of one! Overall, this flash was fantastic and I loved watching this masterpiece! Fantastic Work RupeeClock! :D

-Voted 5 when this showed up and I voted 5 again now.


RupeeClock responds:

Don't worry, with all the competition and this getting on the frontpage, it didn't stand a chance at any automated awards.
I mean, who knows, I might win the clockday contest that has real prizes? Tom should have a frontpage post on that soon.

Disgusting that one of the SS's shitty daily toons got daily first though, their illegally won underdog and review crew awards this week were bad enough.

On any other day, this probably would have won an award, so don't worry. ;)

I believe...

If this had never made front page it would've kept a much higher score that it deserves. Such a shame too. Otherwise, fantastic animation and it's always a laugh to watch.

RupeeClock responds:

Well scores aren't everything, I've happy that over 15000 people have all checked this out, and liked it.

This probably your best clockday flash so far.

I'm probably the only one to noticed that you used two gameboy camera music clips. Anyway I thought the movie was great. I was waiting for a new flash all these months. So, Have anymore plans? well Keep it up rupee!

RupeeClock responds:

I'm thinking of doing another FBF short soon.