Reviews for "SleepEasy"

Humor at it's finest.

Story: Pretty interesting. I think it would actually be cooler to see what else could probably happen in his dream. It's still cool, though, so I won't bash it.

Writing: Pretty well done. The dream sequences are really funny, and you overall make doing this seem easy. Great work.

Artwork: Very clean and cool. It overall looks really slick, like the later episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. Good job.

Animation Movement: Really good. It moves consistently throughout the video, and keeps at a good pace. Well done.

Voices: For some reason, I never get tired of those computer voices that people use in Clock Crew animations. Okay, maybe a little. But the voices are still okay, and the funny thing is that, you didn't create the voice thingy, so really if I'm gonna be praising it, I would probably say what I need to say to the person who actually made it.

OVERALL: Really good. Despite being a tad bit dated, it's still really good and the jokes never get old. It's a shame you don't update very much anymore; you're a great animator with amazing talent. I hope you're reading this (even though it would seem unlikely), because I really want you to go back to this stuff.

-Powerdude964, OUT!

RupeeClock's next Clock Day submission in 2007!

You make like awesome flash submissions on Clock Day.

hehehehehe haunter

LOL it's awesome!
I vote 5

i wish...

...i knew which video the second die clip that apeared in in your eye was from


i like the hunter the most XP