Reviews for "Madness 6 Alternate Endin"


ohhhhhhh k


that was pretty good! i thought it was going to be all serious and stuff, but NOPE!!!!!!! lol...

that was pretty good

i like madness. Not much of a story, but good animation and everything.

How did you get the graphics? Did you get one of his .fla's or .swf's somewhere?


you have some real talent ill give you that and from what ive seen in the portal latley you should own the award for this week 5of5 great work and i look forward to seeing more of your work thanks


A funny little short about what could have happened in Madness Combat 6. The alternate ending is great. Plus your animation skills are awesome, I really hope to see good animations like this in the portal. I hope you get an award for this because it really deserves one. 4 out of 5.