Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"

ha ha



McRhyme responds:

Newton? Yummy!

Thanks for all your reviews! Thanks alot! More to come, I promise!

Gimme moreeeee

Well....I think I like Ytown Public now!:)
Please keep on good works
I am Waiting for Ytown Public more & more & more & more & more....

McRhyme responds:

I am making more. Take it easy! Haha!

2 words

no i mean 3 words MAKE MORE MOVIES NOW!
no i mean 4 words MAKE MORE MOVIES NOW PLZ!
no i mean i like your work keep it up
no i mean keep up the good work

McRhyme responds:

I'm making new movies! Episode 4 is taking shape and I hope it will become the best episode so far! Do you guys think I should start givning you pictures and write a little on the Forum about how the work progresses?

This is quickly becoming my favorite series at NG

You do a great job on flash. I have watched all 3 Ytown episodes, and you can see the improvement in each one.:) You do a great job.:) The sound quality is good (which is very hard to find in some flash animations that I have seen, you can't understand a word they are saying), and the background music is great.:) I think it is very cool that you do it yourself.:) So overall I would say you are a great animator, and musician, and I look foward to the other Ytown episodes.:)

McRhyme responds:

That's a lot of ":)"

Glad you like what I'm doing and that you think the sound is good! I'm working my fingers to the wrist to make #4. It will include some 3D backgrounds. Hurrah!

ok the voices improved a little....

but still they can be better. PS. i like the bear he should become a student :-D

McRhyme responds:

Yeah, I'll try to make the voices even better. The bear will star in #4 also. I won't tell you what wicked things will happen though, you'll have to wait and see!