Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"

I really can't stand this series.

They just aren't funny to me. He does a pretty nice job with the graphics though.

McRhyme responds:

I remember you...
You have reviewed some other of my movies. So it's safe to say that you will return and make me more blue in the future, reviewing comming episodes (or even #4). Like I've said before, a million times, EVERYONE can't like the same SHIT! Some like Xiao Xiao, some like Eskimo Bob and some like Ytown Public. Good thing you liked the gfx (giving it a high 5 :)

FatherGilpin, I think it's about time we burry this war hatchet and start making... peace.

I wasn't insulting your voice acting, Mr. Ricardo!

I like it!

McRhyme responds:

Oh, good. Thanks, Mr Steven. Epsiode 5 and 6 are just around the corner. I just have to get back home from this damn skiiresort and this cyber cafe.


I laughed at the start of this, but I feel that it ends a bit too quickly. Ah well... at least I can now go straight on and see Ytown Public 4...

I really liked the pre-loader, with the way you present the character bios and the cackground story.

I also like the fact that you have subtitles.

McRhyme responds:

The damn movie is 5 minutes long, don't say you wanted it to be even longer. Do you have any idea how much time one episode takes making?! Okay, calm down, Marcus. He said it maked him laugh and that good. Hmm. Yes, the ending is sudden... but the moive kinda keeps running even when the credits role, right? And then there's the triva!

What the fuck is up with Barbie?

She hates stupid shit, but then wants the bear?!

McRhyme responds:

Her name is BARBARA, not Barbie. Haha. And she is stupid. That's why she's terrified when she sees a small spider and relieved when she sees the fearsome bear. Haha.


The graphics are great! I love how all of the characters look! The voices suck. The story is wack, but better than the first ones. What a waste of beautiful scenes.