Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"

8 even... It's our deal...

If you make all the movies you ever make, as good or as bad as this... I will always vote 8 all around. Deal?

McRhyme responds:

Deal... but I will only make better movies, so forget about the 8.

I wish my job would get a T3 modem with the LAN

Well i turned off my distrubed CD and actually sat down and watched and heard the movie... well the pencil sharpner and the catapiler are obviously NOT you cause the mic doesn't suck. Well all and all it's pretty funny... Ok i'll wait till I get home on my cable modem to watch the rest. Ok i'm off to burger bear lataz...

McRhyme responds:

I wish I had one too. Man, I've got a damn modem! Sucks! And I repspond to everything - It's EXPENSIVE!!!

Buy a T-shirt :)

*i have nightmares"

lol! this is now my fav series besides C.U.!

McRhyme responds:

Great! I love CU too. I think it's a shame they don't come more often, like YP :)
I'm the guys behind CU are working on a new brillant 5 part episode. I think maybe they shouldn't release them all at the same time!

ai reely laik yor moovys.

Ai reellee laik de wai yoo did de lush grein forest. I love de litebeems, and de wai yoo doo all yor shaiding on evereefing.

i laik yumee, and ai laik yor end and ai laik the taitel.

Oh, sorree if ai mispelt aneething.

ai also laik de way dat al de episods lead into one anoder.

At de start ai dident laik dis, but now ai do.

ai laik de trivia, but its betir at de start.

Oh, yoo shood maik a third trivia!!!

wiv a singing korus of brane sells!

Oh, and soree if ai mispelt anything.

great, too!

Man, I love the gfx! Sfx are nice, too. Using captions also help when the sound isn't very clear, especially for brazilian guys like me :)
The story is very nice too... Netwon.. Yummie!

McRhyme responds:

Yeah, I learned that from making YP#1. There I didn't have any subtitles, and everyone kept telling me they couldn't make out what the characters were saying. Annoying for me to hear, so I made text along with the speach.

Hehe, it isn't easy for me to get all the English either, I'm from sweden, you know!