Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"

Decent graphics but....

the writing sucked in a kind of "I'm 15 and can't write for shit" way. Really, that script sucked ass. Next time, do a silent toon.

McRhyme responds:

Haha! Yeah, I know what you mean. The story is strange and some don't like it.

Like it A-LOT!

I've always enjoyed this series, gives me inspiration, for my own flash movies, beiing that I HAVE no job.
Anyway, this is pretty damn funny and I always look forward to new episodes, I wonder if I could help with the next one...?

McRhyme responds:

I looked at your series. Keep animating! When you are 20 years, you'll probably kick my ass!

I am not making anymore YP.

Good `ol Y town...

i love the series of Y Town... but for some reason i cant help but think (mabey its my speakers but people i show this to agree with me) the voices sound a little.... well gay =P but dont take my word for it (i might be actually trying to write good reviews from now on, now that my spam-o-matic machine is broken and all)

McRhyme responds:

You show this to people?! That's great! Thank you! I know the voices are a bit strange, please bear in mind though that I'm from Sweden. That means that Swedish is my first language. English is my secound. That might be why you thinkn it sounds strange.

Thaks you for trying to write good reviews. That's a very idea!

Now show it to more people!

not to funny

but it is good. I don't know if you could be a comedian but you make a great writer and flash artist. Maybe you could make a ytown public dressup game? I wanna see a kiss between Glory Gal and Barbara heh heh

McRhyme responds:

Haha! A dress up game. You dirty little rat! You want to see them kiss, eh? Okey - Here's what you do! You simply make Ytown Spoof and make them kiss, yeah? I can't make flash from here (in in the UK, not in Sweden)