Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"

mmm that curt!

That curt is one bad mama Jamma.... Like Mr.T!

Do you play guitar?

McRhyme responds:

Yes, I do play the guitar. That's one of my main intrests. It's fantastic what you can do with a guitar and a recording studio, isn't? I've made all the music, I really dig the intro music.

((( HMMMMM )))

ok well it gets better as it goes along, still like the artwork, kinda a big file size but still worth it...

McRhyme responds:

Thanks, I'm afraid the file size explodes in the last epsiodes as I started using more grafics, longer epsiodes and more effects! But it's all worth it, if you're into the Ytown-type of humour!

not too bad..

hmmm... some problems wit the story... nto too bad... nice job. not too interesting though..

McRhyme responds:

Yeah, the whole class room scene is very badly story boarded. I hate that scene, but on the other hand - I really like the forrest scene and the space scene. I focus on the positive shit that happens!

well the

the script blew like hell!! um the writing also kind sucked!! but the graphix were ok

McRhyme responds:

Thank you. I don't really consider myself, an author or a writer, but I do want to be recognized as an animator and you cleary made that recognition. Thanks. Mind the spelling.

Still Awesome, Dude!!!

I've watched your 1st 2 movie of YTown Public and they're still Awesome.

McRhyme responds:

Thank you! Glad you checked out the whole show! Ytown Public is a nice little weird story. Weird stories rock.