Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"

best so far...

of the three episodes i have seen at the start of this series, this one is most deffinately the best. graphics seem to be mildly improving and may i say, the inroduction to each toon gets far better as the series goes on :)

something was wrong

cant quite put my finger on it but something was wrong with that on. maybe the sound wasnt as good or something. anyway it was still agreat animation. funny. weird yet good story. awsome graphics. and good for the brains of people who dont do enough thinking like me.

mommy ive got nightmares!

hehe evil alien clones, bears and NEWTON what a mix gotta love it and the pencil sharpener could have been left out but :D he showed that crack head aye..hehe keep it up dude ur doin great!

not funny

i hate the voices too, is the newton burger sopposed to be a joke? its not funny.you great art talent but the storie is crappy.gets a 2.sorry

***lol...what a wounderful series...

This series ROCKS!!! try the Evil Alien Newton Burger...wow...

McRhyme responds:

Haha! Yeah, I like the space ship scene. And I really like the Bear.