Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"

En riktigt bra flashfilm !

jag har sett alla dina flashfilmer och de är ju jätte bra allihopa !
Grafiken e skitsnack och all rörelser är underbara !
Keep it up man !

McRhyme responds:

Okey I think I'll translate this so everyone can understand:

- I have seen all you movies and they are all really good. The gfx are "bullshit" (in a nice way) and the animation is wonderful!
Keep it up.

Thanks man. Try typing in English or someone might get mad... please!

Great Job

Good artwork and really funny. It has a lot of interactivity for a movie too. I'd love to do some vocals for the next episode, e-mail me at OblivionXI@cs.com

McRhyme responds:

Yeah I tried to make it a bit more interactive this time. Glad you liked it - Makes me wanna do some more!

And voices. Cool. I'll contact you when I know more!


Finally episode 3!!
Great job Marc!! I was VERY impressed with EVERYTHING this time. The vocals were really good, the art was stunning, and the humor was kicked up a few notches. I loved the part at the beggining..a toad!! A Squirrel!! LOL!! I think the Bear is the funniest of the group now. "Its Yummy"!!
The intro part with the forest was very nice. I liked the way you used the layers and the scrolling effect. I liked the rays of light coming theu the trees too. Really sweet.
Overall...I give it a 10!! Good job!!

McRhyme responds:

Newton Yummy... Yeah the bear. Did you see the info about him? Hehe...


man i chocked i was laughing so hard!... but, i was only just getting into it... hahaha "newton, Yummy!" hahah class

McRhyme responds:

I like shoking people that way.