Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"

Awesome work on this loaded smoothly wasnt too original but was okay

This was just okay. It was nothing unique, much like the rest of this series. It was kind of interesting to see more of a story unfold. There was at least something going on. I had no idea there would be a story from the beginning of this. The start just seemed so random.

You did get some good jokes in there. I do think the animation could be better. The characters need to move better. The colors are pretty good. It was at least unpredictable.


This was quite the random episode with everything that was going on,the animation looked a lot better than previous episodes and the plot of this one was really good too,this series is quite crazy so far but fun to watch. =)

It was ok

I remember seeing this about a year ago and thinking it was hilarious but now that I see this it is barely funny at all.You should have worked on that aspect of the film.The art and animation was great and it was definately better than the second.And I really liked the music at the end.


I wonder what it would feel like to be contained in a vat of slimey fluids... maybe I'll put jello in the bath tub. Anyways this episobe was really weird, with the blonde running from everything BUT the bear. It was sort of funny, but needs some work