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Reviews for "Canadian Idiot!"

I liked it

Nice south-park themed animation , fits well overall :)
Although I,m not really agreeing with the song, the flash is WELL made. and all those nubs candians who are flagging this as racist are just shitheads. It's supposed to be a PARODY. Use wikipedia or a dictionnary, and you might understand what it mean, you shitheads.

voting 10 with love
from a "quebecian"


Well i mostly dont like videoclips like this but this one is awesome :D


Weird Al is so hilarious and the video is amusing.
Please fix Saskatchewan spelling tho if you get the time :-p
unless you spelled it wrong on purpose to make fun of them lol
either way keep on making videos :)

I am Canadian

And I love this song! Seriously I laughed out loud. I guess its pretty funny when you compare Canada to America. We don't pack heat, we can give health care to everyone, and its a bit chilly here, and thats why I love this country.


Dear Hrechkaness,

Canada sucks. We all know it.

To the Author, good job. I like this song, and your animation went well with it. Nice with the flapping kanuck heads from South Park.