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Reviews for "Tyurru ~ Daylight Mist"


I use fl studio to! What plugins did you use?

Tyurru responds:

Thanks, and i didn't use a plug in, I got sample sounds and mixed through my dads studio, once I had the sounds, I downloaded the Demo of FL 9 and put it all together using what was availble in the Demo, I have the full FL 9 now but this was at the time.


Sounds like it's your 5th or 6th!
...Just a Styrus?!

Tyurru responds:

xD Thanks.


This is sweet

Tyurru responds:



This is cool.

For a first song...

...this is excellent. I can't help thinking you didn't experience the "room for improvement" thought most newbies have, because it is a very valuable tool in shaping your style. "Daylight mist" seems like a name you chose at random. Sorry, but I don't think it fits.

Oh well, musically, this song is pretty nice. The VSTs, or instruments, whatever you used, sound really good together, meaning you probably spent a great deal of time choosing them.

Rhythms (particularly the drum rhythms) were simple but nice. Melodies were even nicer; the song progressed very well.

All in all, a quality track!

Tyurru responds:

I'm not one for naming, when i submitted the song, there was misty outside and its was beautifull, Thank You so much for the postive reveiw, really means alot :D and yes I great deal of time finding the right sounds to use, took about a million and one attemps to get everything to fit nicley in place! I started end of 2009 just taken alot of time to get around to finishing it.

Many Thanks