Reviews for "Newgrounds Holiday Skin 2015"

Holy Potatoes; I may recognize a little green lizard on the right! :O
And OH MAN, that Salad Fingers toy would be so cool to have around...
Amazing rendition to Newgrounds' awesomeness both classic and new to wrap up the year :)

Wow, this is simply amazing Harry! This is probably my favorite background I've seen yet, thanks for this! I really like how you featured the classics as toys, that's really cool.

P.S. I really like your anatomy, you made ZONEtan look super cute!

Newgrounds has such a great community. <3

So much going on! i love all the colours

Wish there was a run down of what animations or people are represented here.

I haven't been here for a while so some are familiar and some, well obviously aren't.

Looks sick though, but then again you always did have a knack for this animation malarky.