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Reviews for "Newgrounds Holiday Skin 2015"

I Chose 5 Stars Because I Can See The Cast Of Eddsworld In The Picture! :D

WOOOOOOOO I couldn't stop counting all the characters that are in here! LOVE IT! :D

what will hapen in madness combat on cristmas?Santa attack?Santa killer?Santa vs. hank johnson?Jebus somening zombie Santas?Santa kill's all?No idea what will Krinkells make on cristmas in madness combat.No idea.LIKE!LIKE!LIKE!LIKE!LIKE!LIKE!LIKE!LIKE!LIKE!happy?:)

Wish there was a run down of what animations or people are represented here.

I haven't been here for a while so some are familiar and some, well obviously aren't.

Looks sick though, but then again you always did have a knack for this animation malarky.

I feel so nostalgic while seeing this...it's been a while since last time I've been on newgrounds and this wallpaper pretty much reminded me of all the characters I fell in love with.
It's awesome how you managed to keep the original character design of each one of 'em while adding a bit of your own style to the mix. Nice work!

P.s. I just can't remember the name of the hulkish bearded guy with the axe....Anyone?