Reviews for "Star Wars: The Rebels"

"She's coming with us.. With ALL of us."

Firstly, I want to thank you for this very muchly awesome film, and note that while the clones were cloned, they were not enchanced in any way - exept for the added ability to follow orders. To obey. Instead, they were cloned from the genes of a masterful warrior (yeah, Jango Fett was a masterful warrior - being able to 'defeat' Obi-Wan Kenobi is solid proof of that.)

Secondly, why do people always make things more complicated than they are? "Rebels... Being tributed.. I GUESS IT MEANS THAT THIS GUY LIKES TERRORISTS!" WHAT THE FUCK? This is a flash tribute. To a fictional rebel group fighting in space. What does it have to do with Iraq? (And, respectively quoting the author's own words, "Iraq was not the first war, nor will it be the last one" (not precisely so, but anyways..))

And then I again wish to thank you.


Some recognition where its due. Our favourite characters would get nowhere without the support of the brave rebels.

5/5 10/10

awesome work man amazing

OMG! That was Frickin' AMAZING!

This is the greatest tribute i've seen in a long time! It intelectual, insightive, and a toatally different view and perspective of Star Wars and any other war for that matter! ABSOLUTLY AMAZING! Makes me pround to watch this, really. You trully are a great Author!( Or etc...) I MUST see the rest of YOUR makings!

very very very very NICE!!!!

10/10 man make more we want more