Reviews for "Star Wars: The Rebels"


um istanbull im sure they would have made more slave 1 typ ships unless boba made it costum built wich i doubt, but eny way nice short movie could have been longer and very nice disighen (iwl spaal whe me wants) id think lucas would agrea
and a little to meny star destroyers not even the death star had that meny showing and in that formation to close together also shak te might have survived i dont remember her death in eny of the movies/animated series/ or the newer 3d set the only time she died was in a video game the force unleashed good game and "final" game but still that's set very near the 4th episod but even then she went into a sarlaac pit and it takes somthin years to digest in it she could have been retrieved also in the book she xas mining in kessel near the end of the series so she realy did survive

thank god im finnaly done god that was the longest iv ever typd *head hit's keybord*

CirrusEpix responds:

For what it is worth, the Slave 1 was a Firespray class ship. Apart from novelizations, its only other appearance as a non-slave1 ship was in the video game SW Alliance.

Wow, I really sound like a nerd dont I.


why was there the slave 1 in the escape part anyway, Still nice movie sometimes i wish i was in that galaxy


What can i say, its such a beautiful message...


Very elegant and straight to the point. I could really feel just how strongly you believe in the little guys. And quite honestly, you're probably the first person to do a tribute to the normal person in the Star Wars universe. Simply incredible.

Nice Fanfic!

Awesome Work bro.
This is one of the better fanfic's I have come across for the star wars universe. You are a great artist you ought to make a star wars game!