Reviews for "Star Wars: The Rebels"

That was great

Loved it. Very well done.

i love it

this is an amazing flash kinda looks like you play galaxies and if you dont you should. you would fit in realy well


Not is only good for a star wars fan like myself, but it's also inspirational for the determination of people who rebel against impossible odds. Well done 10/10.


fits into the star wars universe, and makes sense. Unbelievabley well drawn with great sound. Only problem, very small picky one is the end part all the fight for freedom stuff, It was really stupid. If you put for the Rebels and mothing else it would of been better. The end sounded like a tribute to the army.

CirrusEpix responds:

I'm finding out that people loved it, or hated it. Either way, that has more to do with the person than it does with my film, so I can accept that.


this film is definitely one of my favorites and i just loved the animation in this sw animation. i would have liked it to be a little longer but apart from that it is almost perfect.
i liked how the music fit in so well with the film, just as you intended.

great job and keep it up