Reviews for "Star Wars: The Rebels"

star wars ftw

great story it realy shows that the rebels had a crappy time on and off missions


It's true,with all that is going on in the world today.This video catches something that is so taken for granted.It's really a touching movie that shows that above everything "hope"is the most powerful thing of all.No matter what the situation or the odds.Well done,and great job.


dude that was beautiful,the music was good the grafics were good andthe story was amazing

Lon live the Alliance to Restore the Republic

I am a major Star Wars fan, and ever I feel outmatched by you. This was truly an inspirational movie for all Rebel suprters, clining on to hope despite overwelming odds. the saddest bit of this ... since The Force Unleashed came out, all of their lives and hard work have been all for naught since Galen Marek killed Shaak Ti 2 and a half years befor Epsode IV. I feel their pain!


holy CRAP that was osom