Reviews for "Star Wars: The Rebels"


so wa apend did they make it or did they fail. needs a better ending

That was kinda touching

Nice work, but I didn't expect how touching it would be. If you like star wars you need to watch this!

I'm a huge Star Wars fan

and the Rebel's are the best. They ended up beating the Empire...but then again,the Empire,were not evil in 1,2,3...4,5,6 they are XD

that was excellent

this definitely put a whole new perspective for the Rebels and all the crap they dealt with,how I miss Biggs Darklighter,he was one of the true rebels,just as Wedge Antilles was,now those two rebels shall never be forgotten -salutes thee-


This adds onto the new found repsect I have for the rebellion. I have always been a huge Empire fan for the obvious reasons...They ROCK!!! But with Force Unleashed I gained a new respect in seeing the sacrifice. Your film properly rewards them for their sacrifices. I only wish their was more. Maybe give us a story to the scene you showed. I just wanted a little more. Good art and animation. Some of the acting could be a little more emotional. Over all I am inspired by your piece.