Reviews for "Star Wars: The Rebels"

Well done

I like this tribute to those who did all the leg work for like 18 years(i assume thats how old luke was when he blew up the Death Star) for a smuggler and some punk farm kid to take credit for. Is that the music from the end of A Scanner Darkly where the writer dedicated his book to all his friends that died or got really messed up from drugs?

this was done very well

extremely well done.....


Yes! Thank you! The Rebels, yeah, those puny little guys with the puny litle guns, with no magical powers or big planet-killing balls, yeah! They're the heroes. Thank you! But apart from that, the animation is really good. I haven't seen many films better than this one.


I love you man. No one ever credits the lowly soldier. Now thanks to this and the battlefront series we can make them known to all.

Deep very DEEP and WELL-DONE

This is an excellent way to honor the rebels who fought and died for the cause along-side the heroes. People never give these kinds of people enough credit and focus on the heroes of stories making the armies and teams and regular troops all seem like a bunch of pathetic weaklings, I am glad this movie shows that that is not true. The narration is very deep and well thought out. The ending is nice, suspenceful, hopeful, and it leaves the audience the way an animator wants them, BEGGING FOR MORE!! I hope there is a sequel... I think I found only ONE thing wrong with this: Are you telling me that out of ALL those ships (Varying in size from a small X-Wing to a big Rebel transport) ONLY ONE OF THEM MADE IT THROUGH!?!?!?! WTF!? At LEAST maybe 2 or 3- in fact I think almost all of the smaller ships would have made it through b/c the bigger ships would have been shot more and have been focused on. (the bigger the ship the easier it is to shoot. Even the Ties would have gone after them first. All in all it was a great tribute to the underappreciated efforts of the rebels. Keep it up.