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Reviews for "Generic Video Game Quiz"

Great job, man.

That was the best video game quiz that i have ever taken. i mean, not to easy, but hard enough so that casual gamers {I'm a hardcore gamer} wouldn't be able to do it without restarting a lot. I got an 'A' with 2 restarts. And yes, I too wish that you could have put the entire soundtrack "{ I cherish it like a child to}. Overall, great job on the sounds and background and the game itself.

Bigboymagee responds:

Oh wow, thanks a lot for that awesome review! I tried to make the quiz fairly challenging ... I guess it may have hurt me a bit but your review shows that it was a good idea. That soundtrack is honestly one of the best game soundtracks ever devised. Thanks for mentioning the backgrounds ... they took me a fairly long time. Anyways, good job getting the A. Thanks.

really hard!!

dude this game is hard!!! no matter if you play video games at all it is hard! i do agree with you over the question 44, that saong brings back so many awesome memories.....

Bigboymagee responds:

If question 44 is AoE2 soundtrack, you rock.

im hoping for a sequel

btw im rly glad to see a bully related question...thoiught iu was the only1 whose ever played it :P...well...no1 where i live has


it was fun took me like an hour to beat though have to start from begining again when you lose though that kinda sucks so fix that

Bigboymagee responds:

Ya, next time I think I'll make checkpoints. Thanks for the great review.

very well done

very nicely done inddeed, it's nice to have a quiz game that branches out on so many different types of questions

i dont know though, i know this wont help much but i did feel as though something was missing, but despite that this is a very good quiz game

i got an A, i suppose thats good?

i dont think your restart counter is working though, it said 0 when i restarted a couple of times, but i almost never saw it, you really should change the colour of the number, make it red or green or something that contrasts with blue

well done though