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Reviews for "Generic Video Game Quiz"

Yay Grade A

"Somebody Call for An Exterminator?" I love that line so much. It means im ready for some lockdown, nuking action. Lol. Anyway, I got an A so im happy. I did like the way it told you different names for each section, like noob or haxor. That was cool

Bigboymagee responds:

Thanks for the good review. Yea, the names for each section were fun to pick out and great job with the A ; ). Glad you enjoyed it.


....brought back a ton of videogame memories. Good job man.

Bigboymagee responds:

Thanks! Some of the questions, specifically those in the Kickin it Oldschool section, were designed to make you think back and remember some of the classics!

Not Bad

I scored an A...after the 5th time...

Bigboymagee responds:

Your name is RedOctane, huh. I think I mentioned that somewhere in the quiz ;). Thanks for the review.

Not bad, but not great

It wasn't bad...I think I would have done better if I knew my video games better...

Go retro!

I actually would have done pretty badly if it wasn't on easy and if I hadn't been really lucky in guessing...

But an A for effort, even though effort starts with E.

Bigboymagee responds:

Hahahaha, video game knowledge does help in a game like this. Anyways, thanks for the A!


it was fun took me like an hour to beat though have to start from begining again when you lose though that kinda sucks so fix that

Bigboymagee responds:

Ya, next time I think I'll make checkpoints. Thanks for the great review.