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Reviews for "Generic Video Game Quiz"

Wow, I feel like a nerd now!

Well, guess I know my stuff! But man, I feel like a geek XD I tried it right off the bat on hard. Had to restart twice. Good stuff, I'm surprised no one's made any complaints that you didn't include hentai or anything as a reward, LOL....or have they?

Bigboymagee responds:

Haha, don't think theres been any complaints bout that yet. Maybe I should have added some kind of pornographic award ... next time I will for sure ;)

Great Job!

The best games quiz so far, great job with the music section. Overall very entertaining it brought back some memories... Had a little hard time with the console games questions, as I only owned a NES except my PC, but some of them where easy to answer if you just analyze the questions...
Great quiz, 5/5, 10/10 and I'll fav it!
Oh, I actually liked having to start from the beginning, that was hardcore :))

Bigboymagee responds:

Hey Parshul, I'm glad you enjoyed the quiz so much ... and at least theres one person who likes the idea of restarting. :P

nice quiz

I do not like to restart after one mistake from the beginning. While ignoring that, it is cool.

Bigboymagee responds:

Yeah, I guess I shouldn't have done that. Don't worry my next game/quiz will be better and more thought out. Thanks.

Very fun

Absolute fantastic job man. The game was fun. It really set it's self apart from all of the other quiz games. I have played a lot of them and you have done a fabulous job. The ten categories were flawless and the questions were very entertaining. My favorite section was the music :D

But the game does lack a challenge for gamers. If you ever do another ( which I hope you do ) Keep in mind that the game is gonna be played by mostly Hardcore gamers that wish to test their gaming brain vessel. 5/5 10/10

PS: Wow this should have got at least a four :(

Bigboymagee responds:

Hey man, thanks a lot. Yeah, after making the quiz I realized that it was a bit easy in the end. I'm not sure when, but when I do make the next one it'll be a lot better/ more difficult. I would have been very happy with a 4.00 but oh well, maybe next time.


The best quiz that I have seen!
It contains questions about a varitiey of platforms and game styles.
And it was about gameing! What more could you ask for!?
Keep up the good work!

Bigboymagee responds:

Hey, thanks for the amazing review. Haven't had any reviews for awhile so I'm glad to see one. You could ask for me to make it better :P, which I might think about doing. Not sure what I'm going with next.