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Reviews for "Generic Video Game Quiz"

great game

after 12 tries, i finally did it :D. awesome game

Bigboymagee responds:

I beat it in 1 try, I win!

Not bad, but not as good as mine.

As video game quizzes go, I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur, and compared to my own video game quizzes, this is nothing, but it is acceptable in the grand scheme of things.

Bigboymagee responds:

Yeah, yours is way better. Mine sucks! If it is nothing, then why does it have a higher score and a 8.7 review average? Whatever, its all fun and games!

im hoping for a sequel

btw im rly glad to see a bully related question...thoiught iu was the only1 whose ever played it :P...well...no1 where i live has

i past it with ease

really fun super cool. i only replayed 2 ...cuz the music one..to me this was easy...well really mostly on my childhood..and i little luck. and game knowledge ..but super fun and awesome......................

Bigboymagee responds:

Heh, thanks. Maybe I'll make another one this year ... maybe.

really hard!!

dude this game is hard!!! no matter if you play video games at all it is hard! i do agree with you over the question 44, that saong brings back so many awesome memories.....

Bigboymagee responds:

If question 44 is AoE2 soundtrack, you rock.