Reviews for "Wiggimart"


wow the game was kool but you could of added more thingsso it could be more interesting and fun!


Well what do you expect from this contest? Sure you have very good graphics, but the gameplay itself is very boring. It might be fun for a few minutes, but after two or three its incredibly boring. As for the gameplay its a simple idea excuted perfectley, but the problem is that its to simple. How hard is it to really see the difference between bad and good food? Even the little kids will find that one easy. Anyway despite some of thosr problems you dont have a bad game, good job.

They can't do that

if I went to the store and they threw all my groceries away AFTER IT WAS ALREADY SCANNED.I'd sue BIG TIME!

pretty good

it was pretty good but you should have made it harder

not bad

Kinda fun and addicting but the music gets annoying fast.