Reviews for "[KK] Wiggis for Breakfest"

10 outta 10 outa 10 outa 10

you made the best wiggi entry EVER! the kids will love it! such loveable characters and such a rich plot! plus the gameplay! oh the gameplay! if i had kids i'd rush them over to newgrounds just to play this awesome game! keep up the family friendly work!!! Plus nice to hear such rad tunes in such a rad game. seriously. good song.

Go Kenny!

Another great Wiggi game from Kenny, dont stop makin em. Also Mr hardyboyz1 just STFU if you cant take this humor then get off Newgrounds and go play with your beloved Wiggi on its real site. Your on all these spoof wiggi games making gay comments like "You got raped by your father," no one cares what you got to say.

kenny responds:

lol, glad u like the wiggi game parodys, this one isn't mine though, I submitted it for someone, the other two were mine though. Sadly I'm not gonna make any more of these :(

I'm getting tired of them, gonna make another type of game


There isn't much to do. At all. I waited for 30 seconds at that last part, thinking there would be more. And since it was so short, there's not much to comment on. So yeah- make it longer.

It could have been much longer...

I thought it would be a good game, but it was very short. I waited for a while after the "yummy" to see if something was going to happen. But nothing happened. Next time, make this game longer, then it might have a chance of winning the contest.

sorry not good

the mucic was good but becides that nothing was good it was hardly a game and itleast put in a the end sine