Reviews for "YOUR FACE (light)"

Well you cant really..

To be quite honest this is a very orginal submission and I admire your creativity for this sort of thing, but you cant really create "your" face, mainley because most of the pictures are that of the funny quality so you get a few laughs out of it, but not really what you came to do. It was fun to click the randomise button and seeing the weird faces that there were, but thats really the extent of how good this is. The good thing about this is how well the faces were created. Nice job.

finefin responds:

I'm sorry that YOUR FACE didn't come up to your expectations.
But I think everyone has a little fun with YOUR FACE,
even if it's disappointing.


Good drawings man.


really funny


i would give it 10/10 however im being slightly pedantic in saying that you need a few more variants other wise this game is absolutly brilliant, to my favourites list it goes

finefin responds:

I can and will add more and more!

Good Job!

That was Fun...ish. SOme things don't have many options though.