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Reviews for "Wiggi World Rescue"


its maybe ok. for kids in the age of 13-, but ive got bored.
stomping as an lawyer on fire, who is on a REALY small planet, with eyes, and this planet seems to be happy about the fire, cause all the plannet do is:

- Make more Fire
- Spinning arround to make the job "Stomping on fire" more difficult

and this lawyer is stupid too, because he dont break this birdy's neck.
i wont like it, if an stupid bird hit me for no reason.

and why is the lawyer on this planet? and why is he alone? why dont catch his shoes fire? or better: why dont catch HE fire if he stands right ON the fire?

i dont get it, yes i know its for kids , and its maybe fun to play this as an lil kid, but for me, i say no.

CerebralGames responds:

This comment was very funny!.. you can also ask to nintendo why mario jumps over turtles!!

A little boring. . .

A cool idea, but I think there needs to be more to it. I got bored of it in about 2 minutes...

The graphics were good though, the fire and smoke effects were excellent.

very nice

cool and apropiate for the user target... but a smooth dificulty curve would be nice


Interesting.... it progresses a bit quickly but hey, it was still fun. It was strange though cuz I got bored halfway through but it still had me hooked... that makes a good game. Great job!


i felt that game was really fun and it kept me hooked for quite some time. best of luck to you in the contest!