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Reviews for "Wiggi World Rescue"

Great games!

I hope you win the wiggi competition!

cool for kids and people like me

i liked it fun simple nice grafix they didnt look like you just tossed it togeter it looks like you spent a little time on it i liked it all i lost but it was a fun lost i took out as many fires as i could i also think that it would have been cool if the fire could have spread all over the world yeah fire ball of death


This is simple yet well executed, visually as mechanically. Just 2 little things bother me. That the fire speed increases but your walkspeed stays the same, wich basically predefines the time you're about to lose a bit too much. And some little story-elements would have been lovely. Anyway it's cool.

Pretty good kids game.

I thought the game was rather fun for a kids game, but it got complicated FAST!

First it was all... "oooh, too easy" then the bird hatched, then it spun, then the grass grew, and the planet turned into an apocalyptic nightmare!

It just goes to show, one person cannot stop the horrible decline of the planet's condition, only slow it down slightly. (depressed)

I get it

I so get it now. The fires represent hate, which you stamp out. And the world revolving shows us that the world still spins even when we're dead. Now, if only I could figure out what the hell that damn bird is supposed to mean.

elliott (otiose)...