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Reviews for "Wiggi World Rescue"


That is so cute!!! Out of all the little kids games I have on new grounds I think this one is the best by far. That contest is in the bag for you!

willie9888 Your an idiot like Gameeater1 said

Its for a competition. Fun game


like ur other thing its for kids KEEP THIS CRAP OFF OF NEWGROUNDS

CerebralGames responds:

In that case, I will not share my $4000 with you!

Invaderzimja, you are a moron.

This is for a competition you moron, to help kids learn and have fun! I should come beat your ass!

Original, but no.

Yes it is an original idea, but not a great one.

It gets repititive and ridiculously difficult. Wiggi World's audience is children. With this difficulty and repititiveness, it'll bore the audience to death.