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Reviews for "Thwomps: The Movie"

Great action-packed video with many laughs!

I like this 20-minute special episode of The Thwomps, Ian Kelly. There was a huge conflict between the Mario Bros. and the Thwomps, which took place inside Bowser's castle. I mean, I couldn't believe that the Thwomps actually cooperated to gain control of Bowser's castle. My favorite part was a fight between the Mario Bros. and the malicious Thwomps.

I gave this video an A and 94/100. Thank you very much for this video, Ian Kelly.

Happy new year!


I originally got an account to rate this 10 stars


I love the thwomp series and the movie is the best of all. The audio is great, the animation is some of the best I've ever seen, and great comedy. I loved the dramatic scenes and when they would turn into the comedy again. The matrix tosses of the mop and hat was one of my favorite parts and I laughed so hard when it showed a latiku doing it. It also seemed like it was just the perfect amount of time as well. 10/10 Amazing job!


I love the Dramatic scenes!!! Like when they crush Bowser! XD

But.. I just got rid of you!