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Reviews for "Thwomps: The Movie"


I gave it a 45000000000.2 score in my head, pretty sweet submission I loved the 300 parody you guys threw in there. Good Work :P

no one reads this

Sounds: great selection in effects and music 10/10 here
Graphics: not mind blowing but not horrible 7/10
Entertainment: i had a hard time making it to the end the jokes were old to me ; some of the puns in the movie almost made me stop watching it. This wasn't a movie for me sorry but 2/10.


best sprite movie of all time.

Lets' Squish him!!

lmao I love when mario yells to squish the loopa

Some things kindof dragged on when you repeated them over and over and over...and over...........and over. Anyway, pretty good

the best flash i've seen in a loooooong time

the best flash i've seen in a loooooong time
it deserves ALL awards
and on CLOCK DAY
you'll get at LEAST 2mil views