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Reviews for "CitySmasher"

Awesome !

I could play this for hours. I just wish you could grab the planes out of the sky and do stuff with them like throw them into buildings.


It was bad ass for several reasons. One, it was just plain simple fun. Two its easy to do. Three i used to have a mohawk and it brings me back...ahhh it will be missed. And Four, did i mention it was a spectacular display of fun. thank you for this and im hoping to see a #2!

Insanely fun.

Need I say more? This game was hilarious to play. More modes would of been nice, maybe some power-ups and stuff, too. Asides for that, awesome game.

awesome game!

that was the coolest game ever
well not the coolest
but it was very fun and addicting
great job!

we knew the world would not be the same few people laughed few people cried most people were silent i remembered the line from the hindu scripture the bhagavad gita vishnu was trying to persuade the prince that he should do his duty and to impress him takes on this multi armed form and says now i am become death the destroyer of worlds i suppose we all thought that 1 way or another´╗┐