Reviews for "Health Reminder"

David Firth In Fine Form...

Whatever health issues it addresses, it certainly makes one want to take their own health more seriously. once they've finished going "WTF?"

*Jaw Drops*

Wow you rock my world. Seriously I was watching it and I knew you made it, cuz I love salad fingers and well everything damnit!
I wish I could pause the flash to see what was written..Or what other subliminal messages you just managaged to send to my cerebral cortex..
keep up the weirdness, i <b>heart</b> you ;)

well, well...

i think it is great. but also very sad. and somehow it scared me. keep it up man, very good job.


That was funneh! 10/10, 5/5.

DoctorWare FTW

I love it when you mix your weird random stories with comedy, you have this great gift to make me think "what the hell am I watching?" at one moment, then have me laughing away the next (DoctorWare is a great example XD) Kee up the good work, please make more of these great videos! =D