Reviews for "Health Reminder"

A wonderful hidden message

Not to say it wasn't funny, just that I couldn't laugh because I was far too busy realizing this is essentially how things are (minus the 6-8 legs and removeable breasts).

Good statement. Also, whilst I was watching, I thought of 'Salad Fingers' (not in the story, mostly the colouring and music), and to my gleeful surprise you are indeed his creator.


nice production

I want to escape reality!

I wondered why they had so many legs. But I suppose all your works are very unpredictable.

I liked it

While I was watching it reminded me of the style of salad fingers, and then I checked your profile and you are the maker of salad fingers! anyways, I like your style and the dark humor

Giant number 3 Owns!

"And the lighting on this video makes the whole world just seem awful!"
David Firth is a silly bitch! haha! "cacky bird legs"