Reviews for "Health Reminder"


Best Flash animation I've seen for a while, utterly ingenius. One of the most quotable videos ever. "Can I examine your legs for SCIENCE, Mrs Peterson?"


It felt kind of like a cross between Pulch's style and ambiguity and Latest Model's dystopian, "Brave New Worldish" storytelling. But with a different array of ideas, of course. And the feeling of no continuity tied to a narrative that's actually pretty linear. Your narrator's openly ridiculing his own kitschy drug ads didn't feel like dark humor, because it was more like gray humor.

I loved it

Personally i think the Spoilsbury Toast Boy series was your most genius creation but i loved this video aswell, ha such an amusing parody of peoples paranoia and misguided trust in modern medicine. Mr. Firth, you are truly a genius.

Just a suggestion but maybe you should make a flash game to illustrate your very interesting points of view. i'd play it.

I loved it

your work is THE shit

Every time

Ive watched this over and over. Its funny every time, in kind of a sad way somehow... The music, ambient sounds, are perfect, my favorites when he "explains the treatment" by not explaining it at all. Have watched this for a lond time and give it 5's every time. What an atmosphere it creates. Thank you for this, I think, though I cant help but feel its supposed to insult me in some subtle way. Cheers.