Reviews for "Health Reminder"


The insanities of David Firth continues :D GJ


there voices are just so nexciting which is y its so great and wats up with the legs . I loved salad fingers and the stile of ur movies

Mr. Firth, I worship your insanity.

I have been watching David Firth's flash cartoons ever since Salad Fingers ep. 2. I think this is my new favorite flash. I love anything that is insane. Keep up the good work.

previous releases saved it

i thought it was pretty funny but i really hope that next time you make a movie it will either have a pause feature to read all the little things you put in there or it will be another salad fingers (my favorite series on newgrounds). im sorry to say but had it not been for salad fingers i probably wouldve given it a 6. but it was still pretty funny.


It was cool but there actuall little funny parts and some gross things. I´ll check other of your works, though.