Reviews for "Health Reminder"

Fine animation

I've watched your other videos quite a lot but never really fell across the medical ones. I am amazed and amused by your work.

Keep it up.

Another hit, sir.

This was as mad as a desk full of hamsters. Totally confusing, but in a funny way. I had a good giggle at it.
Still totally in love with the animation style.
Liked the rotating thing in the credits as well.

An all round good job.

Robot Doctor xD

The perverted mana-drained robot has chest hair xD


Really great fun and just like it's sequel; "classic". Another top quality and amusing animation. I'm starting to love that doctor. I even learned i smomke to much by watching this. Funny and informational the makings of something great.

if u look at the end of credits too long and see

the a in and move then u smoke too much or is drunk