Reviews for "Health Reminder"

I see a number 3

Hah the number 3. Not a very good explainer of drugs. Anyway, I like that spinning A in the credits x)

fantasmagorical! (theres a pill for that.)

this would have to be my favourite newgrounds video ever made. you, sir, are a genius. wait..waiittttt. you're not the guy who did salad fingers are you? oh god, oh god, WHAT HAVE I DONE?


I love it...but wow.
It had me laughing and making shocked faces.

It is good for you!

David Firth, you are a genius! This is one of the funniest animations i've seen and because of that it is actually beneficial. It makes me laugh and laughter is good. So random yet so brilliant. That's all I can say.

Take your breasts off. ^ Evony ad

This flash is just so random. It starts with a woman who looks like a man taking her breasts off on the hanger? So she looks more like a man. Then the man just starts to talk about random things in no specific order that have nothing to do with eachother, but they transition so nicely.

What kind of medicine is it? Personaly I'm having a fit of rage trying to decide that let alone try to figure out what's in it. This is actually a hard flash to review. I know I've already said this, but it's so random.

The man who talks throughought the whole thing is in monotone. No change in voice or any sense of emotion in it. It's probably a side-affect of working their. The drug that should cause happiness causes the person to advertise it to become like that? Maybe it dosn't cause happiness.

Maybe it's just something that makes you have no emotion. Fooling you into not having any emotion thus not feeling sad or angry etc. when you normally would be about things, thus not actually making you sick. You aren't sick when you don't worry about things. Atleast from a physological standpoint.

Also the #3 part really did intrigue me. It's in the video, but then you say it's not. Fooling the viewer into thinking they have a problem. Why did he get angry? Is it because the kid wanted to do drugs and spreadsheets? I may never know. The bubble part was just....there then showing that happiness sign.

Mr.Firth, you work in truly unpredictable ways.