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Reviews for "<ultimate stick tutorial>"

it made sense even to me

i have had half a dozen people try to explain basic animation to me, but they were all good at what they did and thought me more or less a waste of thier precious time. besides that i just didn't get it the way the tried to teach it. from this tutorial i learned more from the maybe 12 pages at the most than those 6 people combined. its easy to understand, and makes sense of things that previously i thought were things that only frickin masters would understand. please make more tutorials for simple people like me, cus this one was good


This is very helpful to anybody that is trying to learn flash. Maybe i can use this! lol.

Not too bad

For total noobs at flash (like myself), even the basics of animating a stickman can be a bit overwhelming. A good tutorial, or at least I think so.

Pretty good.

i liked it but what's wrong with his leg.