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Reviews for "iPhone"


really short, but i keep laughin at the iphone flippin out...heh


That was hilarious man I love it. U r0x3r5.


Lolz, that was pretty funny.
Same as that other guy, i rly didnt see any bugs.

5/5 and 10/10. Well deserved

Very funny, decent graphics, and best part is that i didnt see any mistakes at all in the lip syncing thing. It matched absolutely PERFECTLY with the audio stuffs. Great job! By far worth watching over and over. It is a shame so many people are voting it down =(. Im gonna try to vote every day or two to keep this score up.
So funny. Gotta keep it here!

Really funny.

Everyone is probably expecting me to say "Shut up Mr. Green Screen." but I'm not... wait I just said CRAP. Oh well. I love this it's really funny even if it is short deserves a 5 and 10 review.