Reviews for "Bird Feed"

That was fun!!

I liked the chicken nugget and the hot sauce the most...lol!! Cool game with nice graphics. 2 Thumbs up...a birds butt...heh.

Really cool

I liked this idea. Now I want to try it out in the real world.

pointless but funny. just like the springer show

should have tried pepto bismol

Sweet Revenge....

Ah yes - the good ol` pigeon.
Okay - I don't know about the sun flower seeds - that kind of depleated the entire idea of this game. BUT! The pills were awesome! Couldn't have some up with a better idea myself. Keep up the good work!!


there's bin better + there's bin worse.
lol go u anti-crist_bob u tell her!!
i dnt no if dat girl is tryin 2 b funny wit da whole save da pigeons crap but its jus a game + can i suck ur crack flavoured nuts??? lol jk jk keep up da gd work m8 gd game.