Reviews for "Rats on Cocaine - Ep # 8"


I loveit! just like all of the ROC ((Rats on Cocane))!!!


That was quite disturbing, yet hilarious/ Good job.

Xatu125 is a fucking geek!!!!!

but seriously, good cartoon, and I agree with MadMastaMonkey, the animation is the only thing wrong with this series (well, apart from the sick and twisted humour and the graphic at which it is shown, but......)

"Hey, look, coke"

BTW: i just had to take a stab at that cunt who decided to write half a sentence in computer talk (what the hell does half of that mean anyway???)
(if you don't know who im on about, go back 2 review's)


Really how did you get that voice like that! You sounded just like him!!! Awesome!!!

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

i didn't get his voice down. i went to his store and asked him to record the lines himself. and he agreed. he's really nice. go visit him. get a picture taken with him and a mannequin. i got one of him, me and al jolson.

"lets rape and kill children"

wohooohoho, wohooohoo, wohoho, whooho.