Reviews for "X-men"


I have waited forever for someone to do this so it wasnt hard to get a 5/5 10/10 from me. I just wish it was more hip hop flow friendly it seemed to have alot goin on in order to fit lyircs in there but I just enjoyed listening to it good job


Simply effing amazing

You don't mind if I use it as a beat...do you?

smooth as gravy

This is great a mix of good memories and greater beat, sweet cheese

Professah Xaviyuh.

The old man would be proud, the beat is retarded fly. (Which is a good thing)

You could rework the very beginning when it first changes from the original to the hip-hop version, didn't sound very fluid and felt awkward.
Otherwise 10/10, perfection.


Friggen amazing haha best remix of X-men ^_^