Reviews for "X-men"


ya review suma my shit so ya no i had ta come bac at ya, dis is tight who woulda thought ta remix X-man lol dis tight

~2-11~ C.u.T 4rum da STC (7Trees Gangster Crips)

stl-product314 responds:

Thanks homie. But that nigga Reven's shit is killin mine. Made me feel kinda stupid.


Real smooth, DAMN

Nice remix for the x-men soundtrack. I never liked the original soundtrack for the X-MEN. This clip is DONE. And once again you prove your self. UR THE KING....

stl-product314 responds:

THANX. you've got good taste in beats


THATS THE COOLEST FUCKIN SHIT I'VE HEARD ON THIS HOLE SITE! THATS FUCKIN BAD ASS! Hit me up if u think idd be cool if I spit on it. I fuckin LOVE X-MEN! THATS TIGHT AS FUCK! Keep it up man!

stl-product314 responds:

thanks. you can spit on it if you want. Just let me hear that shit when you done. E-mail me


This is FIYAH!!

oh!!! this brought back some memories with a new bad ass beat. I'm lovin it.

stl-product314 responds:

Thanks man. Glad to bring you some memories. Imma come with some more fire.

this is da shit

the 2005 version of xmen its tight you make some more HINT SPIDERMAN AND HULK

stl-product314 responds:

Yeah thanks for the advice. If there are raw themes for superman and hulk I'll be sure to do some damage.