Reviews for "X-men"

Diz Iz Fyah

I Like how all of it fit together like the explosins on the chours they soundedd like they were from the nes version of the game but anyway yo if you didnt give this beat you think you can let me use it 4 mah mixtape....?


i didnt expect it to be so good
but it came together quite nicely

man this made my day

i want to buy this from u it so good!!

good, realy good

I donĀ“t know the original track. But what you have made sounds simply awesome. GOod job!


As a fan of X-Men I just wanna say I would watch the show just for that beat if that's what came on instead of the original, lol. I think it's cool that you didn't kill it, you know what theme it's for when you hear it, it's just better.

stl-product314 responds:

Yeah thanks again man. Reven's beat is crushin mine though. Ceck his out