Reviews for "X-men"


man this a nice beat its like x-men has turnen ghetto lol keep up wit the good song man

I love it n,n

hehe the Xmen Theme song i liked it always
and this is the best one i ever heard in my Life n,n
keep up the good work Y┬┤all

For the dude who called the beat lazy.

It's a beat, it wasn't meant to be a masterpiece.
But it's original and it's catchy, c'mon now.

X-Men turned into a rap beat?
Insta-props man.

You should take more awesome theme songs and turn them into beats.

Dis shit so sick I'm ill!

Yo I made an account just to tell how raw this mix is son whoever did this has some mad raw skillz! Question is what else do you got man? I want you to send me a PM or E-mail, just something to tell me when you make another sick beat like dat!

Nail it!

Love the beats!
The remix suits perfectly to the original song!