Reviews for "X-men"


That's hot!
I love what you've done with the X-Men theme.


man, I first notice this song on that MK VS. SF video. This is a sweet tune man, make it longer or something lol. I got this thing on repeat as we speak.


i'm gonna agree wholeheartedly with everybody else accept for that one person that gave ya bad review...this shit is damn near perfect. got to hear it on that MK vs SF ep 1 vid and had to find the song. i sat there for a good minute and wouldn't even finish the video--just listened...i was in awe. brought back some good memories. if someone put some good lyrics with it...GAME OVER. keep up the great work!!


This kicks SOOOO much ass. U hae no, or partially some, Idea. Nice man, nice.


almost 3 years old n its back at number 2?? god damn stl/phantom, getcha ass back on here haha